The Seattle Mariners will host the Chicago White Sox on June 11, 2024, at the iconic T-Mobile Park, set for a start time of 9:40 PM. Participants and fans can expect a game under a sky of broken clouds.

The pitching battle sets Drew Thorpe of the Chicago White Sox with a pristine ERA of 0.000 against Bryan Woo of the Mariners, who carries a commendable ERA of 1.069. Looking at the standings within the 2024 AL Central, the White Sox are in the bottom position with a 17-50 record, reflecting a win percentage of just .25. They are presently enduring a tough phase with only two wins in their last 10 appearances and a current losing streak (L2). In their division, they are 5-19, securing only six victories during day games compared to 11 in night encounters.

Conversely, the Seattle Mariners are faring better in the AL West, positioned 5th with a win-loss record of 38-30, indicating a .56 win percentage. They excell in their division matchups with a 14-5 record and are riding a winning streak (W2). The Mariners enjoy a stronger home field advantage with a 22-11 record as opposed to their road games at 16-19. They have also compiled more wins under the night lights (25) compared to day games (13).

Considering the upcoming game, the betting odds have set some interesting figures. The point spread stands at -1.5 in favor of the Mariners, with the over/under established at 7.0. Bettors looking to back the odds can find the Mariners with a -239 on the MoneyLine, while the White Sox are positioned at +199. These odds suggest a tilt towards the Mariners, indicating a potentially challenging game ahead for the White Sox.