The Houston Astros are set to clash with the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium on May 9, 2024, starting at 5:05 PM. The forecast predicts broken clouds, setting the stage for an exciting game. Taking the pitcher’s mound for the Astros will be Ronel Blanco, who enters the game with a solid ERA of 2.095. His counterpart from the Yankees, Marcus Stroman, will compete with an ERA of 3.405. In terms of standings in the AL West Division, the Astros currently rank 14th with a disappointing record of 9-19, equating to a 0.32 winning percentage. Despite their struggles, they have managed to win four out of seven divisional games. Their recent performance shows some spark with two consecutive wins, though they struggle on the road with a 5-10 record. Conversely, the Yankees are performing well in the AL East Division, where they’re third with a 19-11 record, which calculates to a 0.63 winning percentage. They’ve held their own in division matchups and hold a balanced 8-5 home record. On the batting front, they’ve scored 148 runs while allowing 107. When it comes to betting odds, the Yankees are favored to win, as indicated by the PointSpread of -1.5. The Over/Under for the game is set at 8.5, suggesting expectations of a moderately high-scoring game. For bettors, the AwayTeamMoneyLine stands at 109, making the Astros underdogs, whereas the HomeTeamMoneyLine at -129 reflects the Yankees’ favorable position. This matchup paints the picture of an intense duel influenced by current standings and key player performances.